Texas Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The Texas Tortoise is excellent at digging its own burrows.
Scientific Name: Gopherus berlandieri
Average Size: 8 to 10 inches
Origin: Southern United States


In the wild these tortoises eat a wide variety of plant life. They enjoy cacti, grasses, dandelions and other assorted weeds. It is better for their health if you pick these items from outside yourself by hand as opposed to feeding them vegetables which you have bought from the supermarket.

Before feeding these materials to your Texas Tortoise dust the food with a good calcium supplement.



Humidity: The Texas Tortoise lives in dry and hot areas so they do not require a lot of humidity and in fact they cannot tolerate a high level of humidity.
Lighting: When housed outdoors lighting is not a concern as long as they are not in the shade all day. When housed indoors you will need to provide them with an artificial UVB light source.
Physical Design: Since these tortoises are used to living in hot, dry areas it is best that you house them outdoors where the conditions are the same.
Substrate: Sand or soil makes a good substrate as this is what they are used to in the wild.
Temperature: Their basking area should be almost 95 degrees F with the remainder of the enclosure around 85 degrees F.
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