Musk Turtle Care Sheet

Description: The Musk Turtle gets its name due to its musk glands that produce a noticable odor. For this reason many Musk Turtle owners do not wish to house their turtles indoors.
Scientific Name: Sternotherus oderatus
Lifespan: Up to 50 years
Average Size: 7 to 9 inches
Origin: North America


A variety of insects can be used when feeding Musk Turtles in addition to earthworms and snails. They will also appreciate the occasionally helping of fish such as minnows. Lettuce, cabbage and turnip can also abe used to provide a plant portion to their diet. Different Musk Turtles have different preferences when it comes to plants and some may not eat any plant matter at all. A calcium supplement should be used at every feeding by being dusted on their food.


Lighting: Provide your Musk Turtle with 12 hours of UVB light per day.
Physical Design: Like most turtles, Musk Turtles will appreciate being able to live outdoors. Obviously if you live in a cooler climate this may not always be possible. Musk Turtles will swim in the water so approximately half of their enclosure should be aquatic with the remainder being dry land.
Size: A 30 to 40 gallon aquarium tank should be large enough to house a single adult Musk Turtle.
Temperature: A daytime temperature level of between 75 degrees F and 85 degrees F will suffice for this type of turtle.
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