Malaysian Box Turtle Care Sheet

Description: The Malaysian Box turtle has a shell which is a very dark green color with yellow stripes.
Scientific Name: Cuora amboinensis
Lifespan: 30 to 40 years
Average Size: Up to 10 inches
Origin: South Asia


The majority of the Malaysian Box Turtles diet should be made up of greens including cabbage, lettuce as well as some mushrooms. Fruits can be used but sparingly. A mixture of crickets, mealworms and waxworms can also be used to provide some meat in their diet.


Lighting: Both UVA and UVB light rays will be needed by the Malaysian Box Turtle. Without these much needed light rays their shell may not develop properly.
Physical Design: Malaysian Box Turtles will spend some but not all of their time in the water. For this reason only half of their habitat should be water, the rest should be dry land.
Substrate: Packed peat moss or soil works well to provide a substrate for the dry portion of the habitat.
Temperature: The water should stay at about 80 degrees F at all times. The rest of the habitat can be a few degrees cooler but not below 75 degrees F.
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