Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The Leopard Tortoise is a very large tortoise with the carapace reaching far upwards. Their overall body weight can reach up to 100 pounds.
Scientific Name: Geochelone pardalis
Lifespan: 100 years
Average Size: Between 20 and 25 inches
Origin: Deserts of Africa


Hay and grasses should provide the majority of your Leopard Tortoises diet. Fruits can be used but only in moderation but beware that they are not nearly as healthy as other foods tor these tortoises. You should dust their food with both calcium and multivitamin supplements on a daily basis.


Humidity: Leopard Tortoises come from an environment where there is little humidity so that will need to be maintained when you keep them as a pet.
Lighting: When kept outside lighting will not be a concern because your Leopard Tortoise will get plenty of natural sunlight. Artificial UVB light will be necessary if they are kept indoors.
Size: The best habitat for a Leopard Tortoise is outside however this is not always possible depending on what kind of climate you live in. If you are keeping your tortoise indoors be sure to give it plenty of room to move around. Keep in mind that outdoor enclosures are always best for tortoises of this size.
Substrate: Since Leopard Tortoises do not dig into their substrates they have no special requirements for substrates.
Temperature: While being kept in captivity the Leopard Tortoise should have a daytime temperature that reaches 85 degrees F. Nighttime temperatures can drop to anywhere between 70 degrees F and 75 degrees F. Any lower than that can be dangerous to your tortoises health.
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