Hingeback Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The Hingeback Tortoises can naturally be found in the tropical forests of Africa.
Scientific Name: Kinixys erosa
Average Size: 12 inches
Origin: Congo, Ivory Coast and Nigeria


Hingeback Tortoises will eat a combination of meat and plants. For the meat portion a variety of insects in addition to worms, snails and even liver or cooked chicken. Bananas, lettuce and zucchini work well to provide a balanced diet for the plant portion.


Humidity: Hingeback Tortoises will need a humidity of almost 80% because that is what conditions are like in their native habitats.
Lighting: These type of tortoises do not like as bright of a light source as many other turtles as they are used to living in the shady forests.
Physical Design: Hingeback Tortoises are known to swim or soak in the water so they will require an area of water that is large enough to fit them. Plants in the enclosure can also help with the humidity so it is a good idea to place a couple of plants in the habitat.
Substrate: Hingeback Tortoises like to dig into the ground so provide them with a substrate that will allow them to do this. Using peat moss or a similar material will actually help maintain the high humidity level much better than newsprint.
Temperature: Daytime temperatures should be just above 80 degrees F with a basking spot that reaches at least 85 degrees F. At night an acceptable temperature would be 75 degrees F.
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